4 Skincare Routine You Must Never Skip

4 Skincare Routine You Must Never Skip

Skincare is extremely important! Right skincare and keeping a healthy lifestyle will help you in making your skin more beautiful. Sometimes it can be time consuming and you’re thinking to skip it once and then it happens a lot. But here’s what you need to know about skincare. 

Self-care routine, self-love, or whatever you call it, skincare is part of your daily productivity. There are a lot of stress causing factors in our environment and when you skip skincare, you will be irritated by these factors throughout the day. You don’t like that, do you? 

For some, they do a lot of skincare routine which makes us think that this is too much time especially when you are busy and you need to rush. But here is the 4 steps you must never skip! Read more to know why. 

  • Exfolliation 

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells and dirt in the body through the use of facial cleansers. These dead skin cells and dirt leaves bacteria on our skin that cause acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.  

To perfectly exfoliate your skin, look for products that have these ingredients: Mandelic Acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B5 or D-Panthenol. These ingredients when combined, provides the best skincare benefits. Mandelic acid is the mildest form of AHA (Alpha Hyaluronic Acids) which give gentle skin exfoliation and Vitamin C serves as your shield from harmful free radicals. With Vitamin B5, the acidity caused by these 2 acids are balanced. It also boosts collagen production which gives you a younger looking skin. 

  • Toner 

If you don’t want acnes and skin bacteria, don’t skip the toner. Your pores should be kept closed and toners are used for this. Using toner usually comes after deep cleansing. Some toner comes in the form of face serum which also prevents your pores from being clogged. To see best results, gently apply it to your cheeks, forehead, and your chin and observe 

Toners and serum are mostly water-based. It is a lightweight formula that gives your skin quick hydration after exfoliation.  Some serum has natural oil extracts that makes sure that you lock-in hydration in your skin. 

  • Moisturizer 

Moisturizers are quite critical too when it comes to skincare. There are more than 50% of global population who experiences dry skin and having moisturizer is one of the fastest solutions. Moisturizers are made to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Choose a water-based formula so it won’t leave a sticky feeling in your face. 

If you want a deep and long-lasting skin hydration, you must consider hyaluronic acids as your key ingredient. In simple term, HA’s increases skin hydration which makes your skin look bouncy, plump, and fresh. 


  • Sunscreen

Finally, sunscreen! We all know that sunlight can cause extreme skin damage that’s why sunscreen is so important in your skincare. Applying sunscreen to your face can help you maintain a more even complexion. Uneven skin tones are usually caused by UV damage, which can be avoided by using a daily sunscreen. 

Most of us uses a different product for sunscreen but there are actually products that contains a UV protection feature. You must know how to read the labels and ingredients that you are choosing so you won’t have redundant application.  

Skincare routine is vital to our health because not only it can protect us from the harmful environment pollution, but most importantly, it shows how we value our self by maintaining it healthy and beautiful. Always remember to wear that confidence wherever you go. You are gorgeous so go out there and shine! 

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