5 COVID-Related Skin Hitches To Look Out For

5 COVID-Related Skin Hitches To Look Out For

Now, here’s the thing. Apart from being awfully dreaded by the fact that the CORONA-Virus can actually kill you by attacking your lungs, how distressing it is to know that it could also affect your skin in 5 unpleasant ways even if you are not infected? Keep reading!

There are several direct COVID-related skin problems out there which some infected patients have encountered during and post COVID. Among these are the monstrous red small spots from Urtacarial Lesions, Acral area of erythema or what they call the ‘COVID Toes’, Maculopapular Eruptions, and the worst of all, Livedo.

These skin diseases are partly caused by underlying vascular changes due to COVID treatment process, while some are pre-covid manifestations that appear even before the fever, coughing, and all.

Scary, right? Well, nothing’s scarier than getting the virus itself, but did you know that even after taking preventive measures and being able to abstain from the CORONA virus, you can still acquire annoying skin problems that could definitely kill your mood? And your skin of course.

Here are some skin symptoms indirectly caused by COVID and/or COVID related precautions to note from hereon:

The undying ‘MASKNE’!

How To Prevent & Treat Mask Acne Also Known As Maskne - BeautySparkReview

First, it is mandatory. It is a MUST to wear a MASK! Or else people will put you on exile and take you in an isolation cave where no one can breathe the air your exhale. Kidding! Seriously, how can you cure ‘maskne’ if you cannot get rid of its main culprit? – the mask). This is rampant most especially to health workers due to prolonged wearing of PPE, but it can affect anyone who wears it, and could worsen your existing skin conditions.

Now, here’s what you can do; Wear masks with soft breathable fabric – for example, with a cotton as the inside layer that will absorb oily residue. This can prevent facial skin irritation and ‘maskne’. Wash the cotton masks daily to remove the oil and skin cell residue, which can aggravate ‘maskne’. Ultimately, hygiene is always the main key to a healthy skin, and healthy body.

Red Rash

18 Common Skin Rash Pictures - How to ID Skin Rash Symptoms

Did you notice those red sore rashes when you directly put the mask on your face? If you’re seeing these, yup! That’s the red rash. You have to know that it’s not always an allergic reaction, but an irritation caused by the friction of mask materials to your sensitive facial skin. Now, the basic response to this is cleansing. That is right, but wait! DO NOT OVER-WASH your face as this can make the irritation worse. What you can do, is use a mild, unscented soap for washing or just a washcloth soaked from a clean water. That should be temporary. You may go back to your usual routine once everything clears up.

Hand Dermatitis

Hand Dermatitis - Learn about hand dermatitis and sensitive skin – exederm

What’s the most over-cleansed part of your body this past few months? Those are absolutely your hands. Over washing, plus saturating with disinfectant solutions may lead to dryness and cracking of the skin, not just for your hands but for the other parts of the body too. This is a worrisome baggage for people with ezcema, as their skin is very sensitive to the point that even sanitizers can immediately cause itchiness and pain to them that could also lead to infection. As we are very cautious in our hand hygiene most especially at these times, it is highly advised to double wash, then moisturize well after. This way, you could protect both your health and your hand skin. You don’t wanna have an old witch’s hand, do you?

Gigantic Eyebags

Science Of Eye-Bags: The Cause And The Cure - Natural Skincare - Safe  Japanese Skin Care - Best Singapore Skin Care

The global pandemic has caused a major spike in our mental health, and it’s not making us any prettier. It’s absolutely hard to combat stress due to what’s happening around recently, but you don’t want to look like a dreaded potato with dark puffs under your eyes. You gotta fight the virus, don’t look like the virus! Something you can do to prevent eyebags is simply get enough sleep. You can also add a few pieces on your skin care regimen that contain Vitamin E and essential oils. These ingredients deal with ageing, fine lines, and uneven pigmentations on your skin, just like those uninviting eyebags. Note that!

Dryness caused by increased time indoors

How to Help Your Body Survive Winter Dryness | Wellness | US News

‘Stay safe at Home’, a line that we prominently hear and do since the CORONA virus reigned. As much as we are being kept safe staying under our warm roof, it’s a fact that the air indoors are dryer, meaning it has a low humidity. Your skin is mostly contained with water, so when the air lacks humidity, your skin will start to dry out. You’ll notice your lips chapping, your knees and arms skin flaking, sometimes itching even occurs. That’s probably caused by dry air. To stop your suffering, you might consider buying an air humidifier to add some moisture in the air around you, making your skin a little damp, and prevent it from cracking and drying. Moisturizing with lotion or serum can also alleviate this misery, and even add glow to your overall skin.

Surely, you’ve found something from our list that inevitably distressed you, as we all samely strive and wait for the COVID-19 to totally vanish. These are just a few look-outs and tips to keep you informed and acquainted. At the end of the day, physical beauty are your covers, but what truly matters most, is keeping you safe with your health in its tip-top state.

Start being healthy by achieving a constantly well-taken care-of SKIN. Is it a yes, or a yes?

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