Why Should I Put Moisturizer on My Face?

Why Should I Put Moisturizer on My Face?


You’re probably looking forward to starting your skincare routine and you’re wondering what you should put on your face. Basic skincare routine starts with cleansing, exfoliation, and then moisturizing.  

Before We go through our topic about moisturizer, you should also know why you should do your skincare. So, skincare is what you do to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It’s also a matter of self-love for most of us because we make an investment in our skin by buying products that will make us feel good about ourselves. 

 Skincare has a pattern, you don’t just get the product, put it on your face and done! No, it doesn’t go like that. Before putting these skin essentials, you must also know their purpose.  

What is Moisturizer? 

Moisturizers are meant to keep your skin hydrated. This skin food has the best benefits for those who have dry skin. There are different types of moisturizers such as oil based, water based, and cream. Each type has their own purpose with the type of skin. 

 Basically, you should put moisturizer on your face to prevent dryness and irritation caused by the environment. Moisturizers can serve as your protection from pollution, sunlight, and more skin issues.

What Should I Look for In Moisturizers? 

The next thing you should find out after understanding the importance of moisturizer is the ingredients. There are a lot of products available on the market but do you know about the uses of these products? Okay, so we'll introduce you to some of the best ingredients you can find in a moisturizer. Keep reading now! 
Hyaluronic Acids 

This substance can be naturally produced by our bodies to keep hydration. You might want to ask “if my body produces it, why do I need to add it?” Okay, so as we get older, our bodies change and to maintain a young-looking skin, we must help our bodies maintain the fluids. By putting more HA in our skin, we are making our skin more satisfied and beautiful through its extreme hydration properties. 

 Probiotics and Collagen 

Probiotic + Collagen is equal to a younger looking skin! Probiotics are commonly known as good bacteria that fight the bad ones in our body. Combined with collagen that makes our skin look younger, can you imagine the best skincare benefits? Absolutely! Collagen helps in slowing down the aging process of our body and probiotic helps in boosting collagen production. It can also speed up the wound healing process so you can easily say goodbye to acne marks! 

 PentaMoist and Hydra Survivor 

These ingredients have the best properties for anti-aging. We all want to achieve those young looking, glass skin so helping it to age slowly will get us to that goal. Pentamoist can provide deep and long-lasting skin hydration. It is derived from a resurrection plant that has an anti-wrinkle effect on skin. Hydra Survivor on the other hand helps even out skin tone and protects you the redness caused by UV and other free radicals in the environment 


Natural Oils 

When we say natural oils, it doesn’t mean the oils that are produced by our bodies. We are talking about the natural oils from plants, and fruits that have antioxidant properties. Natural oils such as meadowfoam seed oil, are an extreme antioxidant that helps remove your skin impurities. If you’re worrying about your oily skin, relax, because natural oils are safe to use and can even flush out the dirt on your skin. Just always remember that every product should be used in moderation and always remember to ask specialists about your skin condition. 

 You’ve come this far! We hope that this has helped you on your skincare journey. Do you want to read more? Check out these articles for more skincare tips! 


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