Quench your skin thirst
Made to extremely hydrate and moisturize your skin. Powered by Pentamoist and Hyper Hyaluronic Matrix, it provides skin hydration for upto 72 hours and enhanced moisture lock-in capacity

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Why Choose Quenchy 

The most common beauty battle is dry skin and it’s frustrating that you cannot find a way to defeat it in one go. That's why we designed Quenchy. Our highly-reputable scientists have developed innovative ingredients that hold the highest hydration properties that can remedy even the driest skin on earth. 

Hydrate your Skin With Quenchy

  • Step 1

    After your usual shower or face cleansing routine, apply 2 pumps of Radiantly Serum to make your skin supple, brighter, and moisturizer ready   

  • Step 2

    Lastly, apply 2 pumps of Quenchy to release active ingredients and enjoy its long lasting and deep hydration.  

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❤I really love this set which gives optimal results when used togther! They helped improve my skin condition. Skin looked healthier with smaller pores and smoother even toned skin. The lightweight texture is a plus point too. Oh yes remember to apply your sunblock as the final step!



Taking care of your skin, it’s the only outfit you can’t take off. Tested and tried @greatfullyoffical Radiantly Serum & Quenchy lotion, I would say is very gentle on my sensitive skin, it’s light and absorbed in very quickly. Love it 😍

Elma Chin


My skin has been suffering the after-effects of maskne, hence I’m always on a lookout for efficient beauty products to help clear it up.
After trying @Greatfullyofficial dynamic duo for 2 weeks, my skin felt a lot better 🧏🏻‍♀️
I love to start my day with Radiantly that is delicately designed to brighten skin and slow down skin premature daytime aging. While it allows my skin to stay supple and smooth all day long, I also enjoy pairing it with Quenchy that instantly provides deep hydration and water retention of up to 72 hours. It not only significantly boost hydration in my dry skin within 3 hours, it also reduces the redness on my sensitive skin.